KUA 02 Displacement

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KUA 02 Displacement
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KUA02: Displacement explores the displaced ecology from a transnational perspective. The publication's design draws inspiration from cartography, mapping out interconnected transportation routes of human-made and biomasses, namely plastic, animals, toxins, or art objects, that serve human-centric purposes. The book compiles essays, interviews, research materials of artworks, and poetry from contributors who have connections to multiple homelands.

When a displaced subject is placed back into its rightful context, does it cure the displacement? And what or who’s system guides this process? The curated publication asks: if constant movement is the natural order, how does diasporic experiences adding to the discourse of ecology?

Release date May 2023
190 x 250 mm, 62 pages
Print run 250 copies


KUA 跨 (crossing-beyond) is a six issued publication project investigating the human conditions through the lens of transnational experience. Each issue starts with a fictional story, followed by a body of art and literary materials across digital and physical platforms. The project seeks to form a language that elevates the discussion of our post-globalised experience and generates connectivity for the cloud communities that have ties to multiple cultures

The six issue topics:
01 Re-Integration 
02 Displacement 
03 Intimacy
04 Translation
05 Superstitions
06 Diagnosis

Each issue is made possible by different funding bodies. Issue two is made possible with individual givings and sales. Your purchase will contribute to the fee of our contributors. You can also contribute to additional support 💖, the additional £10 will grant your name as supporter for issue 02 Intimacy and you will be the first to receive book launch information and pre-order link for when the issue is out.

KUA 02 Displacement
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